The Senile Team History

Senile Team was born in 2003 with the creation of Beats of Rage. Originally intended as nothing more than a fun little private project, Beats of Rage soon became a very popular game which was ported to many platforms. Following this success, the team began to work on the ambitious Age of the Beast project. However, this project was temporarily interrupted to complete Rush Rush Rally Racing, which was released for Dreamcast in 2009 and received positive reviews. A WiiWare version was also released in 2012.

Why the name "Senile Team"?

This is probably our most-heard question. We only found that we needed a name for ourselves when Beats of Rage was almost finished, but we didn't have to think for a very long time about what it should be.

We had already been using the name "Senile" for various things for years. It was originally conceived as the name for a mailing list. All the names that actually made sense were already taken, but after typing a few random words it turned out that "senile" was still available.

As a name for our team it is far from meaningless though. The word "Senile" hints at old age, thus matching our interest in old-school gaming. And since senile dementia affects the memory (amongst other things), our motto became "proudly forgetting ten years of video games history". Meanwhile that should probably be about fifteen years.

Team Members

Roel has been fascinated by video games ever since he first learned of their existence. But his life was really changed forever when he learned how to make them. Since that fateful moment in nineteen-ninety-something, not a day has passed that Roel wasn't involved with some game development project or another. Consequently he has oodles of experience and his proficiency in graphics, game design and programming make him a true Renaissance man in gaming. As such, he is the engine that drives Senile Team.
Roel's favourite games include Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Road Rash II and Shadow of the Colossus.

Jeroen learned to love video games during the golden age of 2D gaming, which for him means during the 16- and 32-bit consoles era. He loves a wide variety of games. And yes, even some newfangled 3D games, but somehow always compares them to some ancient game and claims that “Zero Wing did the same thing but better”, or something similar.
Previously he has worked on Beats of Rage and Rush Rush Rally Racing as level designer and tester, and of course game designer, since Senile Team really is a team, and we really do work together on our games. Still, you won't find Jeroen doing any programming, because programming is impossible! He still doesn't understand how anyone can turn coded letters into a running game. He's sure it's some form of dark magic.
In his spare time he is an unrecognized writer of absurdist stories and practitioner of Ryūkyū kobujutsu.
Some favorite games: Ristar, Vanquish, Streets of Rage 2, We Katamari, Jet Set Radio, Samurai Shodown 2, Shovel Knight, What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!? 2

3D artist and animation sequence editor.

Black Device
Senile Team's composer, who is responsible for the acclaimed soundtrack for Rush Rush Rally Racing.

Contact us

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