What is Age of the Beast?

Age of the Beast is the spiritual sequel to the immensely popular Beats of Rage, and is currently being developed by Senile Team.

With Age of the Beast, we aim to create the ultimate beat-'em-up experience. This is of course a highly ambitious goal, and as a result the project has been in development for several years already. But who cares about deadlines when you're creating a timeless gem?

Differences with Beats of Rage

You'll probably expect Age of the Beast to bear many similarities to Beats of Rage. Indeed it does, but what makes Age of the Beast special and better?

  • More advanced graphics engine
  • Custom-made graphics
  • Original soundtrack
  • Deeper, more varied gameplay
  • More moves
  • Better balance
  • Even more... but that's a surprise!

Release date

There is no release date set for this game yet. If you don't want to miss it when there finally is one, subscribe to our newsletter.
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