Frequently asked questions about Age of the Beast

Where can I get a playable demo?
Nowhere. There is no such demo, and there probably never will be.

Will Age of the Beast have (insert details about gameplay here)?
Whatever you wanted to ask, the answer is probably yes, unless your idea was impractical, unfeasible, redundant or stupid.

When will Age of the Beast finally be finished?
The only realistic date we can give you is "when it's done".

How much progress has been made so far, exactly?
Not enough.

Can I help out? I can help with programming / concept art / ideas / QA / sprites / animations!
Sorry, but past experiences have made us wary of working with people we don't know in real life. Fortunately, we currently have sufficient programmers and more than enough designs and ideas.

Can I help out? I am a composer!
We already have a composer, thank you.

Will Age of the Beast have netplay/online features?
No. You'll just have to find yourself some friends in the real world to play with.

Will I be able to play Age of the Beast on a wide-screen television set?

Will there be an iPhone/iPad/iPod version?

Can I make a mod for the AotB engine, just like BOR?
Sorry, but we are now focusing exclusively on AotB as a game, not as a modifiable engine. This is necessary because otherwise we simply do not have the time, the manpower or the financial resources to finish this project. But if you want an updated BOR engine to make mods with, OpenBOR is your friend.

This is a BoR mod, right?
NOOOOO! You dunce, haven't you figured it out yet? Shame on you! Shame!
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