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Icy update

Posted by jeroen, 03 May 2019 19:57
The East Pole level has been at the center of our attention this month. The graphics still need some polish, but here are some previews of what to expect.
This also comes with the promise that we won't fill the whole level with slippery ice.



Arcade addition

Posted by jeroen, 03 Mar 2019 10:37
The very aptly named Awesometown now has an arcade with playable should-be classics, such as Ultra Bazoop and Plerg! Who wouldn't want to spend some hard earned coins on that?


Inspired by the early 8-bit era, the action takes place on a single screen. The objective is to score as many points as possible while the difficulty keeps ramping up.


The graphics for the Chocolate Mine have received a major update. The repetitive, angular stones have been replaced by ones that actually look like they could be made of chocolate. Improved colours, more glowing lights and other improvements have given the level has a much more magical atmosphere.



More money, more awesome

Posted by jeroen, 30 Jan 2019 21:47
After extensive testing it was decided that it would be good and quite interesting if the player had some extra incentive for defeating enemies roaming the world of Izzy. So we have added coins that sometimes burst out of defeated enemies. These coins can then be spent in the restaurant in Awesometown on some useful items.



One of the other outcomes of the previous testing was bugs. Bugs, big and small. A lot of them have been fixed this month, but some are still crawling around waiting to be crushed. Our extermination continues valiantly!

Another focus this month has been on creating memorable boss fights. We won't give you spoilers. You'll just have to find out for yourself!

Additionally, Awesometown has just become more awesome since new NPC's and Kickstarter backer portraits have been added.


Happy Holidays

Posted by jeroen, 20 Dec 2018 19:17
This month we've done the first big testing round of Intrepid Izzy. We've had no crashes, spotted a few interesting bugs, but most of all, found that the game is shaping up quite nicely. Also, some specials were changed. The squirrel suit now comes with hurricane power 

We wish everyone a lovely end of the year and the happiest of holidays!!
See you next year!


Levels and more

Posted by jeroen, 29 Nov 2018 21:21
We have  been hard at work to connect all the levels together in such a way that exploration makes sense and you will be able to find some (secret) new areas, new costumes, and plenty of new enemies to beat up.

Not only are the levels being connected, levels are also being expanded, or embiggened as some might say. Additionally, some interesting and spiffy looking platforms have been added to the creepy forest level. And did we mention the cool lightning effect?




October update

Posted by jeroen, 04 Nov 2018 08:04
With the Town level being practically completed, work started on not one, but two levels this month.
We would like to keep some surprises for when you finally get to play the game, so we're not going to tell you much about the first level. However, we can tell you that the graphics for this level are pretty much completed and some level specific enemies have been made. But the level still has to be designed and populated with evil critters to be smashed to pieces by Izzy!

The second level is the East Pole. This level was shown earlier as well, but the level is being re-designed to make it look prettier and also fit better with the rest of Intrepid Izzy. Both the graphics and level design still need work, so the screenshot below is only a work in progress.

Some new enemies have been designed for this level as well, but those too will remain a mystery for now. Although you can already see their silhouettes and make a guess what they're going to be.


The September updates

Posted by jeroen, 22 Sep 2018 12:07
This month it's Ninja time! Ninjas are so cool that I wonder if a game is even worth playing if there are no ninjas in it. But don't worry: Izzy will be that ninja in this game!


But that's not the only cool new costume this month. Check out the proton powered costume below.


Furthermore the town level that was introduced last month is almost completed! Talk to people, walk in and out of houses, and see the sights.


August update

Posted by jeroen, 23 Aug 2018 07:59
A lot of interesting things happened again this month, so let's begin!

Ladders have been added to the game. This will make it easier to design more vertically-oriented levels, and adds a little more diversity to the gameplay as well.


We are also hard at work on a new Town level, which will act as a hub within the game. Change your outfits (and consequently your powers), travel to other levels, and get some quests! Maybe even enter a house and collect an item that is not rightfully yours.
Also, check out the nice details like flying butterflies and ridiculous vehicles.
If you backed our Kickstarter at the "Enter History" tier or higher, then you may find yourself in this town




July Development Update

Posted by jeroen, 17 Jul 2018 19:56
We are very happy to report that a whole lot of programming has been going on, including:
  • Improvements to the sound code. The stereo audio is now actually stereo, with left being left and right be right.
  • Things (enemies, explosions, etc.) that are far away will have a lower volume than things that are close by.
  • Saving the game actually works. Very useful for bug testing as well
  • Improved Izzy handling. When you give Izzy a little nudge at a ledge, she will drop straight down, and no longer flies off the edge. Of course, when running off a ledge you will fly like the wind.


New enemies

Three new enemies have also been completed. Designs of two of them were already included in the campaign, and are now finished and dangerous. The third is new and will remain a surprise for when you get to play the game

A new costume!

The Flying Squirrel Costume has been completed and will allow the player to reach new areas and look stylish at the same time.
With our own Animation Editor arms and legs were easy to move around, but a billowing cape was not something that it was ever designed for. And a flying squirrel without wings will result in a plummeting squirrel.
So back-breaking manual labour was needed in making the wingless oddity (on the left) into a fully functional flying raging rodent (on the right)!


June Development Update

Posted by Roel, 04 Jun 2018 10:44
We are happy to announce that Senile Team will be present at Animecon in The Hague on Saturday, 16 June. The biggest event of its kind in the Netherlands, Animecon features "Indie Game Saturday" where we will be showcasing our games.

Of course Intrepid Izzy will be on display there, as well as our previous release, Rush Rush Rally Reloaded. And as a bonus, Intrepid Izzy's first boss fight will be revealed there.

It will somehow involve a giant cabbage.

For more information and tickets, please visit

Figure mass production completed

We have also received good news from China, which is that mass production of the plastic Izzy figures has been completed. By request of our Kickstarter backers, a second design was also produced. This sees Izzy in a previously undisclosed mystery costume.

tn_150x150packing_2.png tn_150x150packing_1.png