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June 2020: Steam store page now open!

Posted by Roel, 29 Jun 2020 10:20
Big news, dear readers! We have created and uploaded all the necessary assets for Intrepid Izzy's Steam store page, and submitted it for review. And it passed today! If you have a Steam account, don't forget to add Intrepid Izzy to your wish list.

For the store page, we also created the following gameplay trailer.

Our next step will be the game's imminent release on Steam. This is still easier said than done, but we are hard at work to make it happen as soon as possible.

In other big news...
This month I, Roel, am writing the update because your usual herald of development progress, Jeroen, has his hands full with his brand new son. That's right, he is a father now! So congratulations to him and his wife!

Smaller news bits
Besides the aforementioned, there have been dozens of improvements, most notably improved controls.
  • Options to modify the controller layout have been improved. Conflicting button assignments are now automatically corrected. It has also been made possible to enable or disable forward, forward + attack as an input for Izzy's sliding attack.
  • Following tester feedback, the sliding can now be cancelled into a jump.
  • Attack handling has been improved, allowing faster and more accurate attacks and hit detection. This makes the game feel even more responsive.

Other improvements include:
  • More achievements added (and confirmed working on Steam).
  • Added more secret areas to various levels.
  • Changed the layout of the Haunted Forest in order to remove some frustrations and add more fun.
  • Fixed a rare and complex physics bug where a stack of multiple, falling objects could all affect each other's positions, causing circular logic which crashed the game.

You can help, too!
Please share the Steam link with friends, enemies, and anyone who could be interested in a great platform-beat-'em-up-vania!

Thank you!

May 2020 update

Posted by jeroen, 31 May 2020 21:47
Improvements of the month

As stated in our previous update, our primary focus has shifted from general development to releasing the game on Steam (with other platforms to follow). Nevertheless there were still numerous improvements made that will benefit all versions.

  • Completed the new town level Borkington, of which you have seen a small preview in our previous update.
  • Improved and updated several levels, most notably Aztec Greece and Temple of Nuts, to accomodate the new town level.
  • All NPC's of our wonderful backers are completed. You will see for yourself soon!
  • Yet more bug fixes, both old ones that had been on our list for a while, and new ones that were taken care of as soon as they were discovered.
  • Further improved the in-game map. If you discover a locked door, it is now automatically displayed on the map.
  • Started to implement achievements in Steam, which sounds much simpler that it is in reality. Of course all achievements need an icon as well. We hope you like them!



Steam version coming soon

The PC / Steam version is coming along nicely. We expect to have a game page for Intrepid Izzy on Steam soon, allowing users to put Intrepid Izzy on their wish list.

The actual release of Intrepid Izzy should follow soon after that. These are most exciting times!


April 2020 update

Posted by jeroen, 02 May 2020 08:25
Hello again! Nice to virtually see you here

This month we made a number of improvements to our favourite Intrepid Izzy again, which are shown below in a handy list.

  • About 20 bug fixes, including a very rare and complicated bug which occurred when you did an uppercut in front of a doorway. If done in a specific way, this caused the screen to go black. You could still play the game, but not see anything. Fortunately we managed to cure this strange case of blindness.
  • Improved controls and controller settings for the Windows version. We intend to support a wide range of controllers on the PC and we have included a number of preset control schemes already.


  • Unfortunately we can't organise our long planned collective test day with all our friends on account of the Corona situation. However, we can still count on our backers' feedback once the game is released, right?
  • Speaking of release; in the coming month we will focus on on the Steam/PC release. This is our first game on Steam, so we don't yet know which horrible hurdles we need to overcome, but we will do our best to get the game through as soon as possible.
  • Last, but not least, we have also included an extra town in the game where some of our backers can live within the world of Intrepid Izzy. But where are they? It's a mystery!


March 2020 update

Posted by jeroen, 31 Mar 2020 19:32
First of all we hope that everybody is feeling well and is not already too bored during these strange times. We too are currently in the same situation as the rest of the world: working from home and wondering what to do with all that toilet paper.


This month's improvements!
  • The Achievements/Trophies/Goals system has largely been implemented within the game. However, the system still has to be linked with the official Steam and PSN systems.
  • More than 30 bug fixes and other improvements!
  • The final boss now has two phases of being angry and evil, and further improvements have been made with additional animations, moves, and graphics. But we want to refine him some more, to make the fight just right.
  • The ending sequence has been made, in terms of both graphics and music.
  • New, very epic music has been added to the very first level.

Dreamcast news
As you may know, throughout the game Izzy can speak to some very interesting people. Some helpful, some less so. Either way, all these conversations are coded into the game according to a dialogue tree. This tree has been growing steadily, so we got our axe out and chopped it up into smaller logs per level*. This enabled us to free up about 1 to 1.5 MB of RAM. An insignificant amount for modern systems, but for the Dreamcast with its mere 16 MB RAM, it's a big chunk. So freeing up this memory is very relevant and will help Intrepid Izzy run smoothly on the Sega Dreamcast as well as modern systems.

And to celebrate this smoothness, please enjoy some Dreamcast screenshots below!





* A dialogue tree is not actually made of wood.

February update

Posted by jeroen, 29 Feb 2020 21:52
We managed to make some more improvements to Intrepid Izzy this February, and you can read about it in this easy-to-read list:
  • The final boss has received additional moves and animation
  • Various small bug fixes, tweaks, and graphical improvements
  • Extra scenes to make the flow of the game more logical
  • Addition of level pictures in the save screen, because, well, it looks much nicer
  • The in-game map has been improved to clearly show save points and unopened treasure chests. This may help you find your way, and maybe some secrets! Below the map you can also see your current quest, like opening a big door



To do list

"Alright", you say. "Nice that you're making all sorts of improvements, but where does it end?"
Good question!

Actually, we have a to-do list of thing we still want to improve before we release Intrepid Izzy into the wild.

  • Make the final boss even cooler
  • Add some NPCs
  • Some tweaking to the East Pole level
  • Create the ending sequence
  • Implement more Achievements/Trophies
  • Add some more music

Of course, we are presently hard at work to implement these improvements.


January 2020 update

Posted by jeroen, 01 Feb 2020 06:41
The year has hardly started, and we've already been hard at work. Roel added additional animations and graphics to several bosses: Yzzi, the Minotaur, and also a boss you haven't seen before.


Roel also smoothed the transition from the Haunted Forest level to the level we've been keeping secret from you. So there will be a bit of story and totally logical logic happening between these levels!
We're very excited to get your reaction to the level once the game is released


Release Candidate
In the previous update we informed you that this month we would test "release candidate 1". And if we were totally happy with the game, that we would release it. Since we're trying to make the best game we can, we were very critical of ourselves and saw some things we wanted to tweak before release.  And so we will.

This means that in February we will evaluate again if we're satisfied with the updated "release candidate 2". And if we're happy, it means that you will soon also be happy, because then we can proceed to release Intrepid Izzy!!

December update

Posted by jeroen, 01 Jan 2020 08:48
End of the Year
It's the end of 2019 and lots of content has been made, bugs have been squashed, and gameplay was perfected. Unfortunately, we're sad to say that we didn't manage to finish development and release Intrepid Izzy this year as we had hoped.

However, we are approaching the finish line. It's so close we can almost smell it. So let's go check out that status update!

Costumes have been completed for some time, but sometimes creative people get that creative itch, and they just can't help themselves. In short: another costume has been made. Izzy was already wearing a miner's helmet in the mine cart level, but now she can don the entire outfit! So costumes are now super completed.


It's an apt costume for this new year's eve update, too, as this costume comes with fireworks!

Programming is practically finished. Everything works and the big list of bugs is now greatly reduced. Just some finishing touches and we're done! Finishing touches such as achievements/trophies/goals. Whatever you call them, they're a fun little extra in games and we believe there should be a nice mix of easy and harder trophies. And most importantly, they should have silly names - but you will find out what we came up with in due time.

We have enemies by the bucketloads! I'm going to call this one finished.

As you've seen in recent updates, we have been hard at work on the boss fights. We are still perfecting them, and depending on how that goes, may decide to add one or two more.


The levels are pretty much done, but we're still tying some things together to improve the overall progression, and creating a grand entrance to the final boss. And of course the gradual tweaking, improving and expanding of the levels will continue bit by bit until the very last moment - all to make the game the best we can. Completion: 99%

Almost finished! We just need to create an ending with some appropriate ending music to end all ending.

So what about the release date you ask? Well, we're not yet in a position to have an actual date. But we can tell you what the plan is.

We expect to complete "release candidate 1" as soon as January. This basically means the first complete version of the game, which is to be thoroughly tested to evaluate if it is ready for release. Depending on the test results, we may proceed with release, or create revised versions RC2, RC3 as needed.

First, we want to release the PC version, since no certifications or CD pressing is needed. This version will also be easiest to patch and update in case the need should arise. It will be released as soon as possible after a release candidate has passed our quality control.

The second step is to create the console versions based on the latest updated version. During this step Roel will have to put the finishing touches on the PS4 and Dreamcast versions. Naturally this will require some work on specific programming and graphical requirements, but also age rating, Sony certification, CD pressing  for the Dreamcast, packaging, and all the little details that will pop up during development.

To estimate a timing for the console versions is even more tricky than for the PC version because we also depend on a lot of external factors. However, it will be as soon as possible and in 2020.

November update

Posted by jeroen, 14 Dec 2019 12:40
As you know a working Arcade exists in Awesometown where Izzy can spend her hard earned coins. I mean, why spend it on life saving health restoring items when you can play some retro video games? This month a new retro game has been added: 3D wheel. This brings the total to three playable arcade games!


And there's more
  • We've added more animation to the Minotaur boss, so now he can smash you to a pulp even more elegantly!
  • Fixed some additional bugs. It seems that the bigger the game you create, the more bugs you can get. Who knew?
  • Added more dialogue. But don't worry, we're not trying to make Metal Izzy Solid. All dialogue is useful and/or funny.
  • The inventory screen has been improved. You can now clearly see which items you can immediately use.


Our very own Senile Team composer Ben Kurotoshiro has been hard at work creating new music for Intrepid Izzy. We're happy to share a track with you called "Eoleon". Please enjoy the music and of course the clips of the game in action!

October/Halloween update

Posted by jeroen, 31 Oct 2019 21:16
We've been working on several bosses this month! First off, you may remember him from such movies as the original Intrepid Izzy Campaign video, The Minotaur. Some nifty attack patterns were created to challenge your reflexes. And challenged you shall be!


And totally in the spirit of Halloween (which you may or may not celebrate, but hey, ghosts and candy are involved so that sounds like fun) the spooky arch nemesis of Izzy herself: Yzzi. Scary, gothy, and certainly deadly. What a woman!


Another boss? Possibly! Because what do you think the chances are that Boaty McB. will arrive at its destination unhindered and unscathed?


Other terrifying facts
Let's take a moment to appreciate some frightening statistics.
  • Currently the game contains over 3,000 frames of animation. This would not have been possible without our own sprite animation editor, but let me assure you, it is a hell of a lot of work for one man.
  • That man also built the levels, whose graphics consist of an estimated 7,000 tiles.
  • More than 74,000 lines of C/C++ code were written by that same, scarily productive man. And that's just the Windows version - not even counting the console ports and all the tools, scripts, and dialogue trees, which would certainly add thousands more!
  • Some minor bugs were brutally murdered this month!


September dev update

Posted by Roel, 01 Oct 2019 08:57
Box Art
As we are moving closer and closer to completing the development of Intrepid Izzy, we have started work on the design of the physical packaging of the Dreamcast version.

The game will include a reversible cover with one side showing the Japanese version, and the other side the US layout. A sketch of the cover art is shown below. As you can see there is still some work to be done. Colouring and such


We're also working on the manual, which will be a beautiful full colour affair.


Level Me Tender
You may remember that there is one level which we're not giving you spoilers for in these Kickstarter updates. Well, we're still not giving away spoilers, but we can tell you that the level - including music - has been completed!

The mine cart ride in the Chocolate Mines level has also been improved. Previously it was very easy to complete this stage by simply employing the duck & cover method. But those days are long gone, my friend. Now you will have to collect sufficient crystals during the mine ride to activate a magic bridge in order to cross the abyss and prevent a certain and gruesome death. Sounds cosy, right? 


We noticed that the inventory screen was causing navigation trouble, so it is being redesigned with a vertical layout now. This also gives us more space for text.


Bug slayin'
This month has also seen plenty of bug fixes (more than 20 as a matter of fact).

Amongst them was a Z-sorting problem on the Dreamcast. All sprites have X, Y, and Z coordinates, just like in a 3D game. The X and Y positions control where the sprite appears on screen, while the Z coordinate controls the order in which the sprites are drawn, and thus, which sprite will be in front of which. Some sprites had the same Z coordinate, which caused some flickering and other odd effects while sprites were fighting over who got to be in front.

The PC and PS4 have more than enough processing power to remedy this in software, by use of a simple sorting function. For the Dreamcast this was not an option. The solution was to strictly assign a different Z to every graphic on screen. This involved carefully determining the range of Z values for all several dozen groups of graphics (backgrounds, tiles, sprites, particles, etc.) Fortunately, this has solved the issue.

With over 150 bugs (and other issues) remedied over the last few months, we are happy to report that there are no major ones left.