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Plastic Fantastic

Posted by Roel, 14 Dec 2017 14:56
Preparing a Kickstarter campaign was hard work, running one was even more so and since its successful funding there has been little chance for boredom either! I've already written a bit about that in the latest news update on Kickstarter, but let's not neglect the official dev log!

One of the things that demanded attention, and one of the more novel features (for Senile Team at least) of the Intrepid Izzy project, is the plastic figure that comes with the Deluxe and Collector's editions of the game. This won't be just a 3D print, but an actual molded plastic figure manufactured by Shenzhen SRX Technology Co., Ltd. This morning they sent us the first photos of the prototype (that is a 3D print) in colour, and of course we would like to share this happy news with you.


The process is quite laborious: first a clay model was sculpted based on the supplied designs. This was then 3D-scanned and modifications were made to the digital 3D model based on our feedback. A prototype was then 3D printed and painted by hand. It's awesome to see the game character become "real", and personally I almost can't wait to adorn my desk with a tiny Izzy!