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June Development Update

Posted by Roel, 04 Jun 2018 10:44
We are happy to announce that Senile Team will be present at Animecon in The Hague on Saturday, 16 June. The biggest event of its kind in the Netherlands, Animecon features "Indie Game Saturday" where we will be showcasing our games.

Of course Intrepid Izzy will be on display there, as well as our previous release, Rush Rush Rally Reloaded. And as a bonus, Intrepid Izzy's first boss fight will be revealed there.

It will somehow involve a giant cabbage.

For more information and tickets, please visit

Figure mass production completed

We have also received good news from China, which is that mass production of the plastic Izzy figures has been completed. By request of our Kickstarter backers, a second design was also produced. This sees Izzy in a previously undisclosed mystery costume.

tn_150x150packing_2.png tn_150x150packing_1.png