What is Beats of Rage?

beats-of-rage-logo.pngBeats of Rage is a customisable video game engine made by Senile Team and inspired by Sega's classic Streets of Rage series. With Beats of Rage, users can create their own beat 'em up games - no programming experience required!

Beats of Rage was first released for DOS in November 2003. It was not advertised in any way other than by word of mouth, yet it soon gained enormous popularity. Ports to many other systems (e.g. Dreamcast, Linux, Windows, GP32, GP2X, etc) soon followed.

Where can I get Beats of Rage?

Beats of Rage is no longer maintained, distributed or supported by Senile Team. But you can go to Chrono Crash and SourceForge for OpenBOR, the Open Source continuation of Beats of Rage.

Will there be a sequel?

Not exactly, but we are working on a spiritual sequel to Beats of Rage, called Age of the Beast. Age of the Beast aims to offer a superior experience, thanks to more advanced programming and fresh, original content.

Read more about Age of the Beast here.
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