Polyko's Super Jelly Bean Quest in the Sketchbook of Illusion

This is a free game, originally developed by HotPengu and brought to the Dreamcast by Senile Team. In this small but charming game you control artist Polyko, who has been magically transported into the world of his own creations.


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Download for free

CD-based version
cd.pngDownload the CD image of the Dreamcast game and burn it with DiscJuggler (the free trial version suffices).
The CD also contains printable covers!
Download from Mediafire (13 MB)

SD card version (for use with Dreamshell)
sdcard.pngIf you have a Dreamcast SD card reader and you don't want to burn a CD, this is the version for you.
Download from Mediafire (9 MB)
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